Richard Barley ~ Audio Engineer

Richard Barley is an Audio Engineer from Pacifica, CA specializing in the production of a variety of interactive sound experiences.  Most recent projects include the creation of multi-system OSC/MIDI-controlled, musically synchronous, dynamic automation protocols, design and implementation of a multi-venue audio distribution model that is both scalable, and user-friendly; in addition to multichannel theatrical design, mixed for a space with several peripheral spaces, while incorporating triggered lighting, and media cues.  Richard also serves as Technical Director, and primary Audio Engineer for Cornerstone Church of San Francisco.  When he is not deeply immersed in navigating complicated signal flow, Richard can be found tinkering with experimental hardware or indulging in exotic feedback; sometimes both!  Richard wanted to be an astronaut when he was little.   His studio looks more and more like a spaceship with every gear acquisition. So, mission accomplished?